“Old_Labour” wins the PB-Ladbrokes by-election prize

“Old_Labour” wins the PB-Ladbrokes by-election prize

How should he use his £200 worth of free bets?

Firstly thanks to Marf for her new wonderful cartoon which will become the logo for the year’s poster of the year contest – due to take place over the holiday period.

Secondly well done to Old_Labour who has won the PB Feltham by election competition

Ranking Entrant Total error
1 old_labour 3.72
2 Harry Hayfield 4.04
3 Peter 4.71
4 Iapsis 4.89
5= Nick Palmer 5.09
5= TomS 5.09
5= Tim 5.09

Interestingly only two of the entrants predicted a Labour lead over the Tories that was higher than it was. Joshue Dixon got this gap to within 0.1% but his LD/UKIP projection was way out.

Harry Hayfield would have been the overall winner if he had not put a minus sign before his projected 0.5% as the gap between the Lib Dems and UKIP.

Thanks to Ladbrokes for providing the prize of £200 of free bets. What should Old_Labour do with it?

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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