It’s the eve of the big strike in the PB NightHawks cafe…

It’s the eve of the big strike in the PB NightHawks cafe…

Who’s going to come out of this on top?

With the big strike on public sector pensions due to start in only a few hours it’s quite hard from the polls to work out how the public actually feel.

Some surveys, like TNS-BMRB, this afternoon has support evenly split between the strikers and the government (40% vs. 37%). Other polls, notably YouGov and ComRes have those opposed to the strikes in the the lead.

Thus YouGov at the weekend had 50% opposing headteachers taking stike action against 38% who supported it: 49% opposing teachers going on (41% supported), while the split for civil servants 51-39.

ComRes had broadly similar figures – 47%, do not believe that public sector workers are right to strike, while 38% believe they are right to take that course of action. Interestingly ComRes had 51%, thinking that the strikes are unlikely to succeed and so should not go ahead. 

Whatever this is going to be a PR battle on both sides and it’s hard to see who will come out on top.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonPB

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