Will this help ministers over their HS2 decision?

Will this help ministers over their HS2 decision?

YouGov on two massive infrastructure plans

With the decision on HS2 – the high speed rail link to the midlands and the north – said to be imminent there’s some supporting YouGov polling on the project in the Sunday Times.

As can be seen from the chart backing for the railway is running at 2 to one. Looking at the detailed data support seems to be pretty consistent across the party divides.

What could be explosive is the route if the go-ahead is given. One cabinet minister, Cheryl Gillan, is 2/1 favourite with Ladbrokes to be the next cabinet minister out following resignation threats if the route runs through her constituency.

On the other big infrastructure plan that is being suggested, a Thames estuary airport, the poll had voters being opposed.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonPB

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