LAB extend lead to 4pc with ComRes online

LAB extend lead to 4pc with ComRes online

This month’s ComRes online poll for the Indy on Sunday and Sunday Mirror is just out and shows very little change on a month ago. The Tories are down two, the LDs and others are up 1 with Labour no change on 39%.

Like all current polling the voting intention question was based on what respondents would do in a hypothetical general election tomorrow.

I’d like pollsters to start putting the May 7 2015 date to see what happens. It would certainly focus respondents and maybe produce a much higher proportion.

Amongst the other questions:-

A Labour government under Ed Miliband would be better at protecting people’s jobs

Agree: 27% (32% April 11) (30% Jan11)

Disagree: 43% (40% April 11) (38% Jan11)

Don’t know: 30% (28% April 11) (32% (Jan11)

It is better to let Government borrowing go on rising than to allow more youth unemployment

Agree: 22%

Disagree: 48%

Don’t know: 29%

The loss of hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs is a price worth paying to reduce the deficit

Agree: 29% (30% Oct10)

Disagree: 51% (47% Oct10)

Don’t know: 20% (23% Oct10)

In most cases I have sympathy for people going on strike against public spending cuts

Agree: 48% (51% July11) (48% May11)

Disagree: 38% (38% July11) (37% May11)

Don’t know: 14% (11% July11) (15% May11)

I trust David Cameron and George Osborne to make the right decisions about the economy

Agree: 30% (31% Aug11)

Disagree: 45% (48% Aug11)

Don’t know: 25% (21% Aug11)

I trust Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to make the right decisions about the economy

Agree: 21% (18% Aug 11)

Disagree: 50% (54% Aug 11)

Don’t know: 28% (28% (Aug 11)

David Cameron is defending Britain’s interests well in the crisis over the euro

Agree: 35%

Disagree: 34%

Don’t know: 30%

The planned high-speed rail link from London to Birmingham and the north would be expensive but worth it

Agree: 32%

Disagree: 40%

Don’t know: 28%


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