Is the immigration “scandal” going nowhere?

Is the immigration “scandal” going nowhere?

Should Labour/EdM focus on something else?

Ed Miliband decided to devote all his six questions at PMQs to the immigration row – and really got nowhere. The problem is that without some new “killer fact” it’s hard to take this forward.

Just because this is about “immigration” doesn’t automatically mean that these developments are of interest and neither Cameron nor Miliband sounded totally convincing. Ed needs to do more than to say this is a “fiasco”.

Cameron came well prepared with ready made responses although seemed to be in second gear. Their encounter was all a bit boring.

The weekly PMQ clash is a big moment for the leader of the opposition and, I fear, EdM wasted his opportunity today. He should focus on being forensic rather than trying to sound shocked.

Unless Theresa May is found to have been telling untruths she, surely, is going to be safe.

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