Does Chris Huhne think that he won’t be charged?

Does Chris Huhne think that he won’t be charged?

News of the World June 19 2010

What do we make of his Times comments?

The threat of criminal charges hovering over Chris Huhne, which really started with the NOTW revelations last year about an affair, are referred to in a pre-conference Times interivew with the Lib Dem energy secretary.

The report notes: “Mr Huhne has long intrigued colleagues by appearing to shrug off the police investigation into his driving record, and accusations — which he denies — that he persuaded his now estranged wife Vicky to put his speeding points on her licence.

Asked how long he expected the investigation to continue, he said that it was a matter for the Crown Prosecution Service. He added: “I would imagine that there are limits to the extent they can string it out.”

A lawyer friend emailed me to say that in his view Huhne’s tone suggests that he is very confident re the CPS, almost taunting them. It was though he knows he wont be charged.

I’m not sure. These thing do take a long time though I did expect something to happen before the party conference.

The critical element is whether the CPS believe they have a strong enough case to mount a prosecution. The fact that it is all alleged to have happened a long time ago makes their task harder.

If they are not going to prosecute then my guess is that we’ll hear on Wednesday October 5th – the day of Cameron’s speech to the Tory conference and the first day of my Andalucian holiday.


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