Welcome again to the PB Nighthawks Cafe…

Welcome again to the PB Nighthawks Cafe…

Will Chris Huhne survive for another 2 hours?

The big betting issue for political punters tonight is whether Chris Huhne will still be in the cabinet at midnight. My guess is that he is and those of us who took the evens bet four months ago are going to end up with a nice profit.

This story seems to have gone on so long and whatever your view of Huhne, and I’m a fan, you’ve got to admire the sheer resilience of the man to be able to continue as though everything is normal with the threat of prosecution over his head.

Anyway – an interesting day on the site and I did appreciate Henry G Manson’s explanation for the Nick Clegg YouTube extract on the early morning thread. Henry had nothing to do with it but took the extract at face value.

There’s a lesson for us all there.

Tomorrow sees the start of conference season – I’m off to the Lib Dems for a couple of days on Sunday and have media credentials for the Tories as well. Labour’s just seems less interesting.

Have a good night.


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