YouGov: Fewer than one in 4 support abortion law changes?

YouGov: Fewer than one in 4 support abortion law changes?

But should the question have been shorter than 196 words?

YouGov have a new poll out this afternoon on the planned abortion law changes which will be debated in the commons tomorrow.

The move from Nadine Dorries seeks to prevent those providing abortions from counselling women who are seeking one. It is being opposed by the government, and pro-choice groups.

My concern with the polling is that the question is, at 196 words, simply far too long and it is expecting a lot from its polling panel to have to read and consider such a point. Surely it should have been tightened up? This is the precise wording:-

“Currently many NHS abortions are carried out by BPAS and Marie Stopes International. When women seek an abortion, the abortion provider has a duty to provide counselling to women seeking an abortion.Some MPs have proposed a change to the law that would give the NHS a duty to offer independent counselling to women seeking abortions, and would prevent organisations that carry out abortions, like BPAS and Marie Stopes, from providing this counselling.Some people say that because BPAS and Marie Stopes International carry out abortions they have a vested financial interest in encouraging people to go through with abortions, and that counselling should instead come from an independent source. They claim that with independent counselling there would be up to 60000 less abortions a year. Other people say that BPAS and Marie Stopes are charities who do not make any profit anyway, that their counsellors are trained professionals and that 20-25% of women do not go through with the abortion after counselling. They claim alternative counselling would be from anti-abortion groups, and having to going elsewhere for counselling would lead to women having later abortions.Would you support or oppose this change in the law?

Looking at the detailed figures there is very little difference between supporters of the three main parties.


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