Did God really create the world in six days?

Did God really create the world in six days?

Is Huntsman crazy to suggest otherwise?

There’s a new poll out, from PPP, in Iowa – the first state to hold a primary – in which those sampled were asked whether they believed in evolution or not – a question that has become something of an issue.

To the British eye the responses are startling. This is from the Iowa Independent:-

“Perry’s drawn some attention in the last week for his statements about global warming and evolution and although he’s drawn ridicule from Democrats and Republican elites… our poll suggests he perfectly in line with the GOP base. Only 35 percent of Iowa Republicans believe in evolution to 48 percent who don’t.

..The situation, says PPP, is similar with global warming, which only 21 percent of Iowa GOP members believe is factual — 66 percent of Iowa Republicans do not believe in it…

Jon Huntsman has made a point of being pro-scientist – that he believes in evolution and what the scientists say on global warming. No wonder he’s not fighting in Iowa. As he said in a recent Tweet “Call me crazy”.

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