Will Paul Ryan run?

Will Paul Ryan run?

Is this the guy who can beat Obama?

The ease with which Texas governor Rick Perry has entered the GOP nomination race has sparked off fears within the party establishment that he is just too much for moderate Republican party voters and that they need to look elsewhere.

For not only does the party need someone who will mobilise their core base but they have to consider who will appeal most in the key swing states.

As discussed on the number of previous threads all eyes are now looking at Paul Ryan – a 41 year old congressman from Wisconsin who seems to tick all the boxes.

His easy TV style and communication skills mark him out compared with those already in the race. Just check out the clip above.

The only problem is that he doesn’t want to do it. His office is denying that he’s interested.

I’m now on him increasing my number of “runners” to four – all at longish prices – for the nomination. I’ve always been a Romney doubter and can see the flaws in the Perry proposition. The smart thing, I know, is to lay Perry but that requires locking up quite a lot of cash and I like seeing long-shots come in.

  • Thanks to Philippe Magnan for suggesting the above clip.
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