Perry moves into the favourite slot

Perry moves into the favourite slot

And one-time 2nd favourite Pawlenty quits the race

There’s been a fair bit of activity on the betting markets following the formal announcement of Rick Perry’s declaration that he’s running and the aftermath of yesterday’s straw poll at Ames, Iowa.

The Texas governor, Rick Perry, has edged into the favourite slot on Betfair while Pawlenty is to make a statement today that he’s pulling out. He was the big loser yesterday in Aimes after throwing a huge amount into the straw poll effort and finishing up a poor third.

At one stage Pawlenty price touched 3/1 – it’s now out to 250/1. He did himself no favours by the manner of his attacks on his fellow Minnesotan, Michaelle Bachmann. At Thursday’s debate he got booed.

Bachmann remains third in the betting though at 10/1 is a fair bit behind Perry and Romney.

I think Perry has a better chance than Romney whose campaign continues to underwhelm. He’s by far the least articulate of the top three and has appalling diction – he needs voice training.


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