Has the Mirror got a point?

Has the Mirror got a point?

Should all three be on hols at the same time?

It’s almost an August banker – at some stage during the month every year there’ll be a front page like today’s Mirror about leading political figures being on their holidays while a crisis beckons.

But with scare headlines running across almost all today’s papers shouldn’t at least one of the top team always be on hand? Surely they could have planned it that way?

Share collapses like we’ve seen can worry a lot of people and part of the process of political leadership is to provide a level of reassurance. As it is the impression could be created that those in whom we trust to guide us through difficult waters don’t care which could be damaging.

Cameron, Clegg and Osborne have a problem anyway. All three went to top public schools and then Oxbridge and have what appear to be privileged backgrounds. Number 10’s holiday planning might just be reinforcing the view that see see in poll after poll – that they don’t share the concerns of ordinary people.


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