Marf on today’s final edition

Marf on today’s final edition

Meanwhile 72% of voters say Murdoch has too much influence?

There is some YouGov polling this morning linked to the hacking scandal though it is not part of the News International commissioned daily poll which appears in the Sun and the Sunday Times.

The questioning started by trying to assess what proportion of those sampled were following the BSkyB take-over. A total of 44% said they were following development with 56% saying not. Amongst other findings:

The planned BSkyB take-over
“In your opinion, to what extent, if at all, do you trust News Corporation to implement the conditions set out to Jeremy Hunt for full purchase of BskyB?”
10% – Total trust
73% – Total do not trust

David Cameron and News Corporation
“Which of these statements comes closest to your view regarding David Cameron’s relationship with News Corporation executives?”
51% – Cameron is too close
12% – Cameron’s relationship is about right
3% – Cameron is not close enough

News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch
OFCOM, a regulatory body, can stop people owning media organisations if it finds they are not fit and proper to do so. In your opinion, would you say that Rupert Murdoch and other News Corporation executives are fit and proper to own British media”
11% – Are fit and proper
67% – Are NOT fit and proper

Rupert Murdoch’s influence on British politics
“Taking everything into account, do you feel that Rupert Murdoch, through his media ownership, has too much, not enough or about the right amount of power and influence over British Politics”
72% – Too much influence
2% – Not enough influence
7% – About the right amount of influence

Although I think YouGov has done a good job drafting the questions I am fairly sceptical about the value of this form of polling.

Mike Smithson

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