ComRes has Labour tied with the Tories

ComRes has Labour tied with the Tories

Should Labour not be doing better?

The latest ComRes poll for the Indepedent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror is out, and has Labour 37% (-2), Conservative 37% (-1) and the Lib Dems on 11% again. Others are up to 15%.

Ed Miliband will be worried that his personal numbers are so poor – his figures have dropped 10-points in a month, according to Politics Home.

Ed Balls is little better thought of with only 10% preferring the pugilistic Shadow Chancellor – although 27% think David Miliband would be doing a better job than his brother. John Rentoul’s take is here

UPDATE from Mike Smithson

As several people have pointed out on the thread there is something not quite right with the poll.

This is the email I’ve just sent to the pollster:-

I can’t figure out the VI numbers in the latest poll.

The figures on page 17 of the dataset have CON 37: LAB 37: LD 11: BNP 9%: SNP 5%: GRN 4%: PC 4%: UKIP 4%: OTHERS 13%.

I make that a total of 124%.

I’d be grateful if you could clear this up ASAP.

Many thanks.


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