Which Huhne punters are going to end up winners?

Which Huhne punters are going to end up winners?

Will he really be out of the cabinet by Tuesday?

For the fourth weekend in succession it looks as though the Lib Dem energy secretary, Chris Huhne, is going to figure prominently in the Sunday papers.

The business with speeding point allegations has prompted a lot of coverage and we seem to have a pattern – what’s predicted on some websites never quite lives up to the billing when the papers arrive.

For punters there’s been a lively betting on whether he’ll have to quit the cabinet. One market put up three weeks ago by Ladbrokes was simply on whether he would still be a cabinet minister at the start of June and many PBers have gone in betting on both sides of the argument.

Well that runs out on Tuesday evening and if those who took the prices of up to 2/1 that he’d be out are to win then there needs to be something dramatically new.

The other market has been on who will be the next cabinet minister to leave. That moves up and down sharply with one name after another moving into the frame.

What we’ve always got to remember is that politicians who make it to the top of the greasy pole are hugely resilient as we saw with Hague last September. I went in quite heavily against the foreign secretary then when all seemed black for him. Hague stuck in there – could Huhne do the same?

Mike Smithson

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