Should David Herdson’s MP ask his dad to resign?

Should David Herdson’s MP ask his dad to resign?

Does 22.6% of the vote give a mandate?

The above is a Tweet from Philip Davies – MP for Shipley where, I believe, PB guest editor, David Herdson is/was chairman of the local Conservative Association.

The Davies point is a fair one but is he consistent? What was his reaction when his Dad, Peter Davies won the 2009 executive mayor race in Doncaster after coming out second in first round votes on just 22.6%.

Doncaster Mayoral Election 2009 Name 1st Choice Votes 1st choice % 2nd Choice Votes Total
English Democrats Peter Davies 16961 22.6 8383 25344
Independent Michael Thomas Maye 17150 22.9 7840 24990
Labour Sandra Holland 16549 22.1    
Conservative Jonathan Wood 12198 16.3    
BNP Dave Owen 8175 10.9    
Community Group Stuart Exelby 2152 2.9    
Independent Michael James Felse 2051 2.7    
  Total 74966 100 16223 50334

I’ve tried Google but I can find no reference to Mr. Davies in 2009 attacking the electoral system that saw his father win coming in second with barely a fifth of the votes.

Would a bit of consistency add force to to his message?

Mike Smithson

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