Any regrets about your Willliam Hill/PB AV prediction?

Any regrets about your Willliam Hill/PB AV prediction?

Who’s going to be the winner of our biggest prize?

In early February the bookmakers, William Hills agreed to provide a competition prize of £1,000 of free bets to the PBer who makes the closest prediction to the AV referendum result.

All you had to do was record what you thought the YES percentage would be to within two decimal points. The prize will got to the one who gets closest to the figure reported on the BBC website after all the counting has been completed and tabulated.

So how confident are you about your prediction now that we’ve seen all the recent polls showing very similar figures? What percentage would you put on it now?

Check out the thread from February to see what you and others predicted.

You cannot make amendments to your prize competition entry – those stand and cannot be altered but you can put forward a new prediction below for the fun of it and for the honour of getting it right second time round.

So with just five days to go what do you think the YES percentage will be?

Mike Smithson

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