How should Miliband exploit the growing blue-yellow chasm?

How should Miliband exploit the growing blue-yellow chasm?

What will he focus on at PMQs today?

It’s been several weeks since EdM and Dave last faced each other across the house at PMQs – and how things have developed in that time with the coalition partners.

They are back again in the chamber at midday and the blue-yellow gulf that we’ve seen in the last week should surely present some easy pickings for the Labour leader. How best should he exploit them and what does he want to achieve?

My guess is that he’ll try to open up the gaps even more by quoting comments by Cable/Huhne/Clegg to try to entice Cameron into saying harder things.

His big focus could be on Cameron’s statements about nepotism and interns which were in direct contradiction to what the DPM had been saying and looked like a deliberate slap-down.

He might even taunt Cameron with the early election talk knowing that as polls stand at the moment Labour would be returned with a majority.

Mike Smithson

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