Can the Labour YES poster help turn it round?

Can the Labour YES poster help turn it round?

Is attacking Dave/George going to resonate?

I am told that this ad is being used in strong Labour areas, particularly in the north. To me the linking of the local elections, the referendum and using the Labour logo is quite smart and for some audiences might be quite effective.

This is all part of the Mandy attack strategy that we saw last night – put the focus on Cameron/Osborne not on Clegg.

We shall see if it works.

UPDATE The first AV poll since the holiday weekend, from YouGov for the Sun, is out and shows that NO has extended its lead compared with a week ago. The shares are YES 41 to NO 59. The lead is now 18 percent. Part of the change is down to more Labour supporters saying they are voting against.

On an earlier thread a poster reported that a family member had taken part in an ICM phone survey on AV. That has yet to appear.

Mike Smithson

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