MORI: The Tories move to a 2pc lead in England

MORI: The Tories move to a 2pc lead in England

Is this a pointer to the locals?

As a follow-up to last night’s thread about the English local elections I thought it’d be useful to extract the England only data from this week’s Ipsos-MORI poll. The firm is the only which which shows such a breakdown.

The totals are above for “certains to vote” are – CON 43(+1): LAB 41(nc): LD 10(+1) with CON 39(+1): LAB 41(-1): LD 13(+2) amongst all those expressing a preference. The changes are on the March MORI Monitor.

The reason that there’s a different picture between the two sets of data is that Lib Dem supporters were much more likely to say they are not 100% to vote.

At the general election last year the Tories had an 11.5% lead over Labour in England compared with a GB gap of 7.3%.

Remember that this is a Westminster voting intention poll and not a local election one.

Mike Smithson

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