Was immigration the right issue for Dave to raise?

Was immigration the right issue for Dave to raise?


MORI has concern about it dropping to a 9 year low

On a day when the big political story has been Dave’s immigration speech and the attack upon it from Vince one of my favourite monthly polls is just out – the Ipsos-MORI issues index which has been asked in the same form for more than three decades.

In the latest poll just 17% of those taking part said “race relations/immigration” – a drop of nine points since March taking it down from third to sixth place and to its lowest rating since April 2002.

So if there is lots of concern out there, as you would have thought by Cameron’s speech, it isn’t being picked up by MORI.

I love consistency in polling and almost uniquely this survey involves interviewees responding without being prompted. They are first asked for what to them is the most important issue – then asked to name as many other issues as they like.

The NHS rose just one point in spite of all the publicity about the Lansley plan.

There was a big gap on immigration between supporters of the coalition partners – a quarter of Tories mentioned it as a concern compared to only 8% of Lib Dems. Is it any wonder that Vince and Dave look at this differently?

The big question is whether this latest finding is merely a temporary blip due or a further continuation in the decline in importance of this issue.

Mike Smithson

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