Both Dave and Nick move up in the leadership ratings

Both Dave and Nick move up in the leadership ratings

YouGov leadership ratings “…doing well/badly?” All % CON voters LAB voters LD voters
David Cameron        
Well 47(+4) 96 9 69
Badly 47(-3) 3 87 28
Ed Miliband        
Well 32 (-2) 14 67 22
Badly 47(nc) 71 20 53
Nick Clegg        
Well 28(+3) 58 5 68
Badly 63(-3) 34 92 29

But Edward drops a couple of notches

The first leadership ratings numbers since the budget are out from YouGov and show positive movement for both coalition party leaders but Ed Miliband (the pollster has yet to refer to him as “Edward”) is down.

The above are the best figures for Cameron since the start of December 2010. Edward’s ratings are the worst for seven weeks though they are well above his “low” in the first poll of the year.

Nicholas Clegg’s numbers are the best since mid-February.

As regulars will know I regard these as a good pointer though I much prefer the Ipsos-MORI question asking if people are satisfied/dissatisfied.

The figures represent the reception that the budget has received and, perhaps, the level of media coverage that you see in budget weeks.

Mike Smithson

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