Have Ed and Justine decided to tie the knot?

Have Ed and Justine decided to tie the knot?

Will getting married be a positive or a negative?

If the above Tweet from EyeSpyMP is correct then Ed Miliband will soon be a married man.

This had been an event on which there had been betting so some punters look set to be better off.

The problem for EdM is that given he has been in the relationship for many years and had children without being married then why’s he decided to do something about it now?

It will also raise again the issue of his name not being on the birth certificate of his first child.

One thing’s for sure – these issues will get lots of coverage amongst the female columnists and, no doubt, on the website all politicians fear – MumsNet.

Is it any wonder that briefing notes are having to be drafted?

Mike Smithson

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