Is Gaddafi going to follow Mubarak?

Is Gaddafi going to follow Mubarak?

How dangerous is the Libyan situation for the world?

By far the biggest global story today has been eruption of violence in Libya as protesters seek to do to their leader what was done to Mubarak in Egypt earlier in the month.

With reports of up to 200 people being killed in what are being termed “massacres” it’s clear that the situation is highly febrile and potentially very dangerous.

It appears that the reaction by the Gaddafi regime has been to try to impose tight clamp-downs – but that might only be fuelling the anger.

Like other regimes when they are under threat one of the first targets has been the internet and information is very patchy.

Britain, of course, has close links with the country particularly through the BP connection.

Mike Smithson

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