Tories up Labour down in new Angus Reid poll

Tories up Labour down in new Angus Reid poll

Poll Date CON % LAB % LD %
Angus Reid/Politicalbetting 10/02/11 34 40 11
Angus Reid/Sunday Express 28/01/11 32 43 11
Angus Reid/Politicalbetting 25/01/11 33 41 12
Angus Reid/ 06/01/11 35 40 12
Angus Reid/ 20/12/10 35 41 9
Angus Reid/ 29/11/10 35 40 13
Angus Reid/ 28/10/10 35 37 15
Angus Reid/Sunday Express 01/10/10 35 38 16

Is this a blip or a reversal of the trend?

After a start to 2011 that has seen all the polling momentum going one way there’s a poll out tonight that sees the Tories recovering and Labour moving back.

It’s from the Canadian firm Angus Reid which since it returned to UK polling in September 2010 has been moving broadly in line with other firms.

Compared with the firm’s last poll for the Sunday Express twelve days ago tonight’s survey has Labour down three and the Tories up two. So an eleven point leads becomes a six point one.

Looking at the trend in AR polls in the table above I wonder whether that Sunday Express survey was the outlier and what we see in the latest numbers are just a return to where we were before then.

Whatever the blues will be delighted to see a poll moving back, if only by a bit, to them after a period when it must have all looked pretty gloomy.

Mike Smithson

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