It’s 3/1 that Bercow won’t survive 2011?

It’s 3/1 that Bercow won’t survive 2011?

What are the chances of him actually going?

Following the growing criticism of the speaker, John Bercow, the PB thread last night and now the main Times leader this morning Ladbrokes have put up a “Will Bercow survive?” market.

The prices are: “John Bercow to leave post of Speaker in 2011” – 3/1. “John Bercow to remain as Speaker until end 2011” – 1/5

Certainly anger amongst Tory MPs has been growing following the incident featured in the clip above when the chief whip, ex-miner, Patrick McLoughlin, was reprimanded by Bercow after a complaint that he’d been over-helpful to Labour on a procedural issue.

I thought that McLoughlin was wrong in this instance though Bercow did himself no favours with the way he dealt with the issue.

This is from the Times leader: “When elected as Speaker in 2009, John Bercow announced: “The Speaker has a responsibility immediately and permanently to cast aside all of his or her political views.” This week it has become clear that Mr Bercow’s chosen method of casting them aside is to throw them at his opponents.

First on hunting, and then on the correct size of the House of Commons, the Speaker has given his own view on controversies that will come before the House during his tenure. This is extremely unwise…

Whatever his intent, the combination of his defiance of Conservative opinion, his questioning of government legislation and the glee he appears to take in provoking fury is inappropriate and inadvisable…. Any Speaker needs to retain the support, or at least the acceptance, of the whole House and Mr Bercow has come surprisingly close to losing it. He should take care.”

Whatever I’m not convinced that the Ladbrokes 3/1 is good value.

UPDATE: Smarkets also now have a market up. Currently it’s 35% that he’ll go with 84% that he’ll survive.

Mike Smithson

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