Is Cable going to hang on?

Is Cable going to hang on?


Could his “War on Murdoch” help the yellows?

A lot going on this afternoon in the saga of the Vince Cable conversations with reporters posing as constituents. A new revelation this afternoon concerns his statement “I have declared war on Mr Murdoch and I think we are going to win.”

I don’t know how that will go down in the Andy Coulson controlled government media operation but it will certainly resonate in many quarters not just confined to his party.

For both the reds and yellows have in their time sucked up to the great media man and whatever happens to Cable there will be many who have been uncomfortable with it.

Clearly all this presents a problem for both Clegg and Cameron. Cable’s “crime”, if there is one, was in being indiscreet with people he didn’t know – but these are the sort of comments that politicos, including ministers, make all the time.

No doubt the drama will continue this evening.

Mike Smithson

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