More good polling news for Ed Miliband

More good polling news for Ed Miliband

Poll Date CON % LAB % LD %
Angus Reid/Politicalbetting 29/11/10 35 40 13
Angus Reid/ 28/10/10 35 37 15
Angus Reid/Sunday Express 01/10/10 35 38 16

Labour open up a 5 point lead with Angus Reid

There’s a new voting intention poll from Angus Reid – only the third to be published by the firm since the general election and the first to come out of PB’s renewed relationship with the Canadian pollster. Like the previous two post-election surveys the firm is recording a Labour lead which has moved up to five points.

Following its disappointing general election performance the firm polled every member of its polling panel to ask how they had voted and it is this data that is being used for its past vote weightings. As Anthony Wells explained at last week’s polling conference having those responses available will make a critical difference. No such data was available for their pre-election surveys.

The plan is that the firm will do at least one voting intention survey a month for PB as well as providing leader approval ratings.

The latest poll is showing shares that are broadly in line with the trends that we’ve seen from other pollsters – Labour edging upwards and the LDs going down.

The firm operates on-line with samples of about two thousand.

Mike Smithson

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