Labour touch 40 for the first time with ComRes

Labour touch 40 for the first time with ComRes

Poll/publication Date CON % LAB % LD %
ComRes/Independent (Phone) 29/11/10 36 40 12
ComRes/Indy on Sunday (Online) 19/11/10 37 38 13
ComRes/Independent (Phone) 31/10/10 35 37 16
ComRes/Indy on Sunday (Online) 15/10/10 40 34 14
ComRes/Independent (Online) 01/10/10 39 36 15
ComRes/Indy on Sunday (Online) 16/09/10 37 35 15
ComRes/Independent (Phone) 05/09/10 38 34 18
ComRes/Mirror/GMTV (Phone) 15/08/10 39 33 15
ComRes/Independent (Phone) 08/08/10 39 33 16
ComRes/Independent (Phone) 27/06/10 40 31 18

And the yellows drop to 12 percent

A phone poll from ComRes for the Indy tomorrow is just out and places Labour at its highest level with the firm since the general election.

The firm now operates in two forms – as an online pollster and as a traditional phone firm and comparison should be made with the most recent one using the same approach. As can be seen the Lib Dems are down 4, the Tories are down up 1 while Labour move up three to 40%.

This is very good news for the red team and their new leader, Ed Miliband., who has been under some media pressure.

The Lib Dem tumble is in line with falls from other firms and has the party at just over half its general election share. There’s little doubt the they are taking a very big hit for the student fees pledge fiasco.

This was always a dumb thing for the party to have agreed to before the election. Given the polling from January 2010 onwards a hung parliament was always a real possibility and which ever of the two main parties came on top student fees were likely to rise. The main proposal, of course, came from the Browne review which was set up by Labour.

The latest YouGov daily poll is due at just about now and I’ll update this post when we have the figures.

UPDATE The YouGov shares are just out and have CON 40: LAB 40: LD 10. So YouGov is now the only pollster NOT showing a Labour lead.

The latest PAPA is CON 37.5: LAB 39.2: LD 12.5

Mike Smithson

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