Labour take three point lead with Ipsos-MORI

Labour take three point lead with Ipsos-MORI

Poll/Publication Date CON % LAB % LD %
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 14/11/10 36 39 14
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 17/10/10 39 36 14
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 12/09/10 37 37 15
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 25/07/10 40 38 14
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 20/06/10 39 31 19

The red team at its highest level since October 2007

The first non-YouGov poll of November, from Ipsos-MORI, is just out and is in line with the trend from YouGov in showing a movement to Labour.

The share of 39% is the highest from the firm since October 7th 2007 just before the the Brown U-turn on the general election.

Where Ipsos-MORI differs from YouGov is with the Lib Dem share which in proportional terms is 40% greater than that being reported by the online firm. The yellow share is unchanged.

MORI is always interesting for its leader approval ratings because it has asked the same questions in the same standard format for more than three decades. We will have to wait for the detailed data but it’s clear that both Cameron and Clegg have taken a hit during the past month.

All MORI political polls are carried out on the telephone with the headline voting intention shares being restricted to those who say they are 100% certain to vote. The firm is the only phone pollster not to weight its samples by past vote weighting.

Mike Smithson

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