It’s C35/L37/LD15 with Angus Reid

It’s C35/L37/LD15 with Angus Reid

Poll/publication Date CON % LAB % LD %
Angus Reid/? 28/10/10 35 37 15
Angus Reid/Sunday Express 01/10/10 35 38 16

Labour leads for the second month running

There’s a new online poll from Angus Reid – only the second such survey since the general election. As can be seen Labour are still in the lead though it’s down a point on last month.

What’s not seen above is the SNP figure which stands at an extraordinary 4%.

The big difference between the firm’s polling now and their general election surveys is that they have a mass of data available on which to base their past vote weighting calculations.

In the immediate aftermath of May 6th a mass survey of their panel took place asking how people had actually voted. It is this that forms the basis of current political weightings.

During the run-up to the election the AR political weightings were criticised by me and others for not including an element of false recall. This led to its lower figures for Labour than most other polls.

This latest poll was carried out last Wednesday and Thursday so is a bit old.

Mike Smithson

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