So how will it all look by the weekend?

So how will it all look by the weekend?

Is the devil within the detail?

Several people have commented that this statement was very much like a Gordon Brown budget. It was certainly astute as a means of dealing with the political needs of the moment but will it stand up to scrutiny. How’s it all going to look in a few days times when it’s been subject to the most intense examination.

What was very Brownesque was the way Osborne finished – claiming that what they were doing involved cutting less than what the last Labour chancellor, Alistair Darling, had been planning. This certainly wrong-footed the shadow Chancellor, Alan Johnson who looked uncomfortable when he made his response.

I can’t help but feel that either Mr. or Mrs Balls would have done a substantially better job.

A lot now depends on how this is reported – not just tonight on the bulletins but in the media in days to come. If that’s relatively positive then the Tories could maintain a poll lead.

Mike Smithson

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