What’s the best Cameron speech bet?

What’s the best Cameron speech bet?

Phrase/word/comment Ladbrokes odds
Big Society 1/4
Climate Change 2/1
Florence 5/6
Red Ed 2/1
Trident 4/1
No time for a novice 2/1
Gordon Brown 2/1
Referendum 2/1
Old Labour 3/1
Socialist 3/1
In Europe but not run by Europe 6/1
Quiet Man 10/1
Electoral Pact 20/1
Bigoted Woman 66/1
Get On Your Bike 100/1


Is tomorrow a chance to make a few bob?

Above are the latest prices for this year’s Ladbrokes 2010 PM speech to his party conference betting.

If you’ve not done it before you simply decide which phrase/word/comment you think will appear in the speech and place your bet.

It certainly makes listening the speech a bit more fun and, who knows, you might win.

Given that drafts of the speech will be seen by quite a lot of Cameron’s team in Birmingham there’s a fair chance that some punters with inside knowledge will be getting their money on.

I have a terrible record with betting on things like this but I generally find myself tempted to have a punt. “Florence” seems good value as does “referendum” and “Trident”.

Mike Smithson

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