Is Nadine the best argument for a CON-LD alliance?

Is Nadine the best argument for a CON-LD alliance?

Would Nadine really prefer to die?

This is from E-politix

“Nadine Dorries has said she would “rather die” than fight the next election in an alliance with the Liberal Democrats.

“In my own perspective, and speaking in no other capacity but as an individual, I would rather die than go into a full election as a coalition candidate,” she said.

“I fought them for every council seat, I fought Andrew Stunell in 2001 in Hazel Grove, I have been fighting them every day until the coalition was called.

And the Mid Bedfordshire MP said the Liberal Democrat candidate she defeated at the past general election was behaving like a “Japanese prisoner of war” not realising the conflict was over.

She added: “My previous Lib Dem opponent, she is a bit like a Japanese prisoner of war, no one has told her the election happened. She still thinks it is going on; she is still fighting the Lib Dem corner.

Dorries was speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham hosted by Dods, the publisher of

The outspoken MP said that while she was “fully bought in” to the current coalition she insisted there was no prospect of an electoral pact at the next election.

“The job to be done is to repair the damage created by Labour,” she said.

“Once the processes and policies have been put in place, then I don’t see any future for a Conservative-Liberal alliance going forward.”

Mike Smithson

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