Boris leads in first London mayoral poll

Boris leads in first London mayoral poll

Contender Overall % Inner London Outer London
Boris Johnson 45 33 52
Ken Livingstone 27 32 24
Oona King 9 11 7
None 19 24 27

How big a task is this for Labour?

With voting due to close on Wednesday in Labour’s election to choose a London mayoral candidate there’s what I think is the very first poll on the 2012 election by ComRes for the London Evening Standard.

The numbers show the importance of incumbency and even if you add support for both Labour names together Boris still has a fair lead.

The poll was not past vote weighted so the sample is not politically balanced and a Lib Dem contender was not one of the options.

Interestingly the splits between inner and outer London show marked differences in support. It was, of course, Boris’s success in the outer suburbs that was key to his 2008 victory.

Mike Smithson

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