Anybody tempted by these bets?

Anybody tempted by these bets?

Market Odds
Nick Clegg to be next PM 20/1
Nick Clegg to join Tories before next election 10/1
Nick Clegg NOT to be leader at 2011 Conference 5/1
2+ LD MPs to form breakaway party before next election 10/1

Or are they just Ladbrokes fund-raising schemes?

Ever keen to find new ways to tempt us to part with our money Ladbrokes have put up the above range of market.

I’d like a price on the eventuality of none of them happening.

So far the LD conference seems to have gone well for the leadership and my guess is that Clegg’s speech tomorrow will get a good reception. A good pointer to the conference mood was the positive reaction to the speech by Treasury Chief Secretary, Danny Alexander.

But this always happens at party gatherings whatever the colour. Delegates get behind their team.

Mike Smithson

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