What will the Milibands do about Gordon?

What will the Milibands do about Gordon?

Should they back him for International Development Secretary?

According to Guido Gordon Brown is taking soundings about making a return to the Labour front bench as Shadow International Development Secretary.

When Labour is in opposition the members of the shadow cabinet are not decided by the leader but by the parliamentary which votes on the 19 places. The plan is for this to take place once the new leader is in place. If Gordon is serious about this, and we’ve only got Guido’s report, then he would have to put himself forward for election.

That could be a high risk strategy because he might not do as well in such an election as would be expected for a former leader.

But international development is an area where he took a very special interest when he was both chancellor and PM and he is well regarded around the world. I think that it would be a good idea.

The big question is would Ed or DaveM want him in their line-up?

Mike Smithson

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