Catching up with the latest polling

Catching up with the latest polling

Pollster/publication Date CON LAB LD
YouGov/Sun 17/08/10 42 37 14
ICM /Guardian 15/08/10 37 37 18
ComRes/Mirror 15/08/10 39 33 15
YouGov/Sun 16/08/10 41 37 15
Harris/Mail 14/08/10 38 36 16

Just 1,715 day to go before the election!

The first 100 days of the coalition have been marked by a couple polls that have almost gone unnoticed. Last night on the thread we picked up on a ComRes survey for the Mirror and there was the unexpected Harris poll for the Mail

There was a new YouGov daily poll last night but the pollster has not issued figures just a Twitter referring to a chart. I’ll put that in the table when we get the precise numbers.

So we have have ICM showing the two main parties level while ComRes has them six points apart. The latter has been consistently showing the worst figures for Labour. YouGov is the only pollster that’s consistently has the Tories in the 40s. ICM has the highest LD shares while YouGov has the lowest.

The latest ComRes seems to have big changes in its party political weightings compared with its previous survey a week earlier. Clearly after a general election these will take time to settle down.

Make of all of this what you will – if the coalition runs to its agreed time-table then there are 1,715 days to go before the general election.

Mike Smithson

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