The markets move further away from EdM

The markets move further away from EdM

Candidate Best bookie price Betfair Back – Lay
David Miliband 2/5 1.41 – 1.43
Ed Miliband 21/10 3.80 – 3.85
Ed Balls 66/1 75 – 120
Andy Burnham 80/1 140 – 300
Diane Abbott 150/1 220 – 330

But is it really done and dusted?

Yesterday I had lunch with someone who is close to Labour’s leadership battle and he was far from convinced that a David Miliband victory is a foregone conclusion.

He wondered whether the MPs expenses scandal might explode at some point just as the ballot papers start going out reminding me of this Daily Telegraph story about DM from May 2009.

Certainly DM’s expenses claims were on a very different level from his brother.

So far this has not come up much in the campaign but could the Telegraph be planning something more? After all it has shown itself to be very willing to use its vast database on MPs whenever the need has arisen.

I still think that DM is going to win – but I’m not putting any more money on it.

Mike Smithson

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