ComRes makes it 39/33/16

ComRes makes it 39/33/16

Pollster/publication Date CON LAB LD
ComRes/Independent 08/08/10 39 33 16
YouGov/Sun Times 06/08/10 42 36 13
YouGov/Sun 02/07/10 42 38 12
MORI/Reuters 25/07/10 40 38 14
ICM/Guardian 25/07/10 38 34 19
YouGov/Sun 21/07/10 44 35 13
ComRes/Independent 27/06/10 40 31 18
YouGov/Sunday Times 25/06/10 43 36 16
ICM/Sunday Telegraph 24/06/10 41 35 16
YouGov/Sun 24/06/10 43 34 17
Populus/Times 23/06/10 39 33 18
YouGov/Sun 23/06/10 42 34 17

Only the third non-YouGov poll in six weeks

The online pollster, YouGov, is now so dominant with its daily polls exclusively for Rupert Murdoch’s News International that getting a survey from another firm, particuarly a phone pollster, is something of an occasion.

Tonight’s numbers from ComRes for the Indy tomorrow shows different party shares from the YouGov’s that we have been seeing every day but the trend is broadly the same.

ComRes is a phone pollster using past vote weighting which finished up in the top half of the 2010 General Election polling accuracy table.

What does stand out is the 12 point share for others – SNP/PC/GRN/UKIP/BNP – which is in marked contrast to what YouGov has been reporting. In one recent survey it had the total for the five parties at just five points. It’s having fewer points for others and a much lower LD figure which is behind YouGov’s highish shares for the Tories and Labour.

Even though it has the lowest ComRes share for the LDs since early April tonight’s poll will be viewed with a sense of relief by the yellows after watching their YouGov total drop to 12 points at the start of last week.

UPDATE: YouGov has the yellows up to 15%. CON 40%: LAB 36%: LD15%

Mike Smithson

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