Does the Guardian ICM poll have C38-L34-LD19?

Does the Guardian ICM poll have C38-L34-LD19?


Have the figures been published inadvertently?

My understanding is that the Guardian might be holding over its latest ICM poll because of its Afgan leaks coverage but thanks to Tim on the previous thread we can make a good guess at the numbers anyway.

For it appears that the latest numbers, based on polling over the weekend, are included on the interactive graphic which I’ve reproduced above.

Last time, nearly five weeks ago, it was C39-L31-LD21 – and from the chart it looks as though the latest poll has C38-L34-LD19 C38-L34-LD19.

Compared with the more recent ICM poll in the Sunday Telegraph on June 24th the figures are: CON 38 (-3): LAB 34 (-1): LD 19 (+3)

This will provide much relief for the yellows, please the reds but be a disappointment for the blues.

UPDATE: I’ve changed it to Labour at 34.

0030 PB Numbers for the poll now confirmed

The Guardian has now published details of the poll and the figures that we had here earlier in the evening have been proved to be correct. See Julian Glover’s report here.

Mike Smithson

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