Will Labour really go for MiliD – the biggest vote loser?

Will Labour really go for MiliD – the biggest vote loser?

Candidate Seat LAB ’05 LAB ’10
Diane Abbott Hackney N & Stoke Newington 49.0% 55.0%
Ed Miliband Doncaster North 51.1% 47.3%
Andy Burnham Leigh 57.8% 51.3%
Ed Balls Morley & Outwood 46.0% 37.6%
David Miliband South Shields 60.8% 52.0%

Or will it go for the one big winner?

Above are the differing performances in their own constituencies of the five Labour hopefuls are the general election on May 6th. This was a day, of course, when the overall GB share for the party fell by 6.5%.

Diane Abbott easily outshone the other five in what was one of Labour’s best results on the night. In London, of course, the party performed better than elsewhere but still saw a 2.3% drop in its vote share. Diane had a big increase.

Ed Miliband’s performance, when compared with what happened in the Yorks & Humberside region was also good. He saw Labour’s share drop by 3.8% while the regional figure was -9.3%. Ed Balls was in the same region and bettered the regional swing.

David Miliband came in just under Labour’s 9.3% drop in the North East while Andy Burnham’s drop of 6.5% was worse than Labour’s overall fall in the North West of 5.9%.

Will all this make any difference? I don’t know but I’ve no doubt that we’ll be hearing a bit more from the Abbott camp.

Mike Smithson

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