Two new polls have the Tories on 39 percent

Two new polls have the Tories on 39 percent

Fieldwork Pollster/publication CON LAB LD
18-20 June ICM / The Guardian 39 31 21
18-20 June Ipsos MORI/Reuter 39 31 19
17-18 June YouGov / Sunday Times 39 34 19
16-17 June ComRes / Indy on Sunday 36 30 23
10-11 June YouGov / Sunday Times 40 32 18
10-11 June BPIX (YouGov) / Mail on Sunday 39 32 19
1-9 June Harris/Metro 36 30 25
28-31 May ComRes / The Independent 37 33 21
21-23 May ICM / The Guardian 39 32 21
20-21 May YouGov / Sunday Times 39 32 21
13-14 May YouGov / Sunday Times 37 34 21
12-13 May ICM / Sunday Telegraph 38 33 21
12-13 May ComRes / Indy on Sunday 38 34 21
  General Election GB figures 37 29.7 23.6

Two new telephone polls carried out over the weekend have just been published and the voting intention numbers are broadly in the same region.

The MORI poll for Reuters is its first public political poll since the election while the ICM survey for the Guardian is the third from the firm.

The only change with the latter is a one point drop for Labour who are polling one point above their general election level.

For the Lib Dems who have taken a bettering in recent days the fact that they are holding onto their 21% share with ICM will come as something as a relief.

The Huhne story became public bang in the middle of the fieldwork and, of course, all the polling took place after last week’s cuts announcement by the party’s Danny Alexander.

The party, though, in both polls tonight is down on its general election share which possibly reflects that for some supporters at least this was a move too far.

UPDATE – New YouGov poll: The table has been updated to include details of a new YouGov poll which was apparently carried out for the Sunday Times. Details have just gone up on the pollster’s website. The big news is the increase in the Labour share and a closing of the gap to 5 percent. YouGov is somewhat out of line with the telephone pollsters.

Mike Smithson

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