Coalition still supported by two in three

Coalition still supported by two in three

“Approve or disapprove of the government” Approve Disapprove
All voters 44% 24%
Tory voters 79% 7%
Labour voters 14% 39%
LD voters 50% 19%

“Support or oppose the coalition?” Support Oppose
All voters 60% 30%
Tory voters 86% 12%
Labour voters 25% 62%
LD voters 73% 17%

But will it change after the cuts package?

New YouGov polling data suggests that support for the coalition continues.

Interestingly the figures above are broken down into what respondents said they did at the last election.

As can be seen there are smallish, but still significant, groups of Lib Dem and Tory voters who are none too happy with what their party leaders did. It’s 12% amongst Tories, about one in eight, while its 17% with general election Lib Dem voters.

Hopefully YouGov will go on asking this in precisely the same way so we’ll be able to track is knowing that one set of numbers can br compared with an earlier set.

Mike Smithson

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