Can Balls get his final ten nominations?

Can Balls get his final ten nominations?

Is it looking like a three or four cornered contest?

Tonight’s tally on nominations in the Labour leadership race has the Milibands continuing to dominate with 95 between them.

In third place is Ed Balls who has seen a bit of a boost during the day an is now at 23 – just ten short. Behind him is Andy Burnham on 14 with John McDonnell with just four.

So far the only woman in the race, Diane Abbott, has no nominations though, when interviewed, has sounded confident.

I’ve been quite impressed by Balls over the past couple of days. He had a good Newsnight last night and he seems to be adopting a much less combative style. He could do well in the TV debates though his problem remains – his closeness to the old Brown regime.

David Miliband remains the odds-on favourite with his brother Ed at between 6/4 and 11/4.

Mike Smithson

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