Was this the Tory “clause 4” moment?

Was this the Tory “clause 4” moment?

The point when power mattered more than ideology

Most of us, I guess, are still trying to digest the breath-taking sequence of events of the past 24 hours and the extent to which Cameron and his team have gone to accommodate the desires of their Lib Dem coalition partners.

I just wonder whether what we’ve seen is the equivalent of Blair “Clause 4” moment when that piece of Labour was ditched in the name of modernisation and electability.

For more than anything political parties are about the achievement of power and when needs must – needs must.

And in the big scheme of things the occupancy of Number 10 matters a lot more than a few treasured policy items or some cabinet places.

I wonder as well whether the LDs will play another role for the Tories – they will help continue the process of detoxification.

Mike Smithson

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