Was Brown conned into resigning as leader?

Was Brown conned into resigning as leader?

Were the LAB-LD talks a means of pushing him out?

Over the past few hours details have been coming out about yesterday’s move by Balls/Mandelson/Campbell to get their “offer” on the table – a development that was supercharged by Brown’s dramatic statement.

The impression that’s coming over is that the Labour bid to Clegg’s party was not that serious but a manoeuvre to put pressure on the Lib Dem – Tory talks. A key part was that amazing statement from Brown that he was standing aside. But could it have been more than that?

I just wonder whether the primary purpose of the whole Balls/Mandelson/Campbell plan had nothing to do with the Lib Dems at all but was a device to force Brown’s hand on a departure time-table.

Given the increasingly likelihood of a CON-LD deal then last night’s big gesture now seems sort of…..pointless.

Mike Smithson

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