So are we back with the LibServatives?

So are we back with the LibServatives?

With Labour MPs opposed to voting reform holding a meeting this afternoon the mood seems to be moving from Lib-LAB to the LibServatives.

One minister has now been quoted as saying that LIB-LAB “won’t happen” and words like “tricky” are now being used to describe the situation.

According to the BBC ticker Schools Minister Diana Johnson told BBC Radio Humberside: “What I think, at the moment, is that the numbers for a Liberal-Labour coalition government just don’t stack up. We’ve got 258 seats, and I don’t think with the Lib Dems and a variety of other people in parliament, that we could form a stable government.”

But who really knows?

UPDATE: I’ve just had a strong indication from top source within the Lib Dems that the LD-CON deal is on.

Mike Smithson

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