Yellows only down a point in YouGov London

Yellows only down a point in YouGov London

YouGov London – E. Standard May 5 2005
LABOUR 31% 39%
LIB DEMS 27% 22%

After last night’s daily poll for the Sun that had Clegg’s party shedding four points to its lowest position for weeks a new YouGov poll for London has them down just one point on last week’s poll – at 27% percent.

The Tory and Labour shares are unchanged on the week.

As I’ve argued the success or not of the Lib Dems will play a key part in determining whether Cameron gets an overall majority. Last night’s four point slump nationally looked serious if supported by other polling. This latest poll appears better for Clegg – in London at least.

The big one that we are waiting for is the mega-sample national poll from the firm that will be published this evening.

UPDATE on YouGov London: Peter Kellner tells me that it is a fresh sample, polled yesterday and today, sample 2347

Mike Smithson


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