Meanwhile punters are confused…

Meanwhile punters are confused…


And tonight’s YouGov poll

YouGov – the Sun May 3 May 2
LIB DEMS 28% 29%
LABOUR 28% 28%

The chart shows the changes over the past 24 hours on the overall majority markets at the betting exchanges.

Just look at how it has chopped and changed as gamblers have reacted to different bits of polling news – some pointing in one direction and some in another.

No doubt it will get worse tonight with ComRes and YouGov.

We might remind ourselves that the Times banned all polling over bank holiday weekends after getting so un-stuck at this very same stage before the 2005 election. Bank holiday polls, as the Guardian pointed out this morning, can throw up odd results.

Meanwhile the Indian polling firm, RNB, has carried out another poll and has these figures – CON 37%: LAB 28%: LD 26%. I’ve no idea about the details.

Mike Smithson

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